Our Artisans

Our Local Artists

We have a creative community based on all four islands. There is a wide range of arts and crafts made of clay, acrylic, glass, wood, wool, fabric, metal etc. that you will visit in people’s home studios or at the Macleay Island and Russell Island Art Galleries where members gather to share and enjoy hours of creativity. Regular exhibitions are held to showcase their work, which is also featured year-round in gift shops.

Paul’s Pottery

Paul : “I love working with clay. It’s a very tactile experience, you start with something that feels wet, slippery and pliable and using your hands to create art that can be of any shape, texture or colour you choose it to be.”

Kinga’s Fabulous Art

Kinga: “Nature always inspires me to create my art. Australian animals, especially birds, could be quite interactive with humans. Living on Russell Island, I have many flying friends around me. Talking to them, observing their behaviour is one of the best experiences in my life. I love to incorporate human personalities, reactions, mimics into the animal body. It gives me the opportunity to create my own kind of art.”

Darren’s AlkatrazArtz

“Darren Goleby is a versatile Macleay Island artist. He has two real loves in his life! One is his artwork in the form of acrylic paintings featuring natural beauty, and the other is bringing ‘barn find’ historic motorcycles back to their former glory. He is also a well-known tattooist and a unique sculpturist.”

Judy’s D’vine Designs

Judy: “After a forty year career in nursing, I changed my focus to creative endeavours. With basic tuition in beading I soon became addicted, and now have a collection of beads. I use beads and wire to produce unique jewelry that inspires many. “

Robyn’s Pottery

Robyn: “As a girl, I always loved to play around with plasticine fashioning animals. As I grew up, I completed a Hobby Pottery course and a TAFE’s 3-year Certificate IV in Ceramics. I have the need to expand myself to do better. I won the 1st prize in competition with Work Skill Australia.”

Gale’s Woollen Creations

Gale: ”I have loved fibre all my life. When I learned to knit and sew at 12 years old, I was hooked for life. I get inspiration from books, but I also design my own creations. I spin silk merino and alpaca and make them into one off creations. l won the prizes at the Samford show. Before I moved to Macleay Island I lived in Wellington, NSW and won yearly competitions receiving awards.”

Carol’s Quaint and Quirky Little Shop

Carol : “I own a Quaint and Quirky little studio shop selling fine crafts and quality bric brac. There is also a small vintage style alfresco and light snacks. Open 2nd and 4th Saturday, from 8 – 12. Welcome to my world.”

Kim’s Wooden Sculptures

Kim : “I developed wood working skills as child working with my father. I have been involved in building structures since I was a teenager and have made furniture and the like. In carving, my ‘artistic’ interests lean towards the figurative and the surreal. I’m a  no-nonsense artist in the sense that I eschew lengthy ‘explanations’ of my work and prefer that the pieces speak for themselves.”

Margaret’s Devolved Denim

Margaret: “I love my life on beautiful Macleay Island, but once retired I decided I need a hobby and returned to sewing. My very supportive hubby, Gary, has built me a studio where I can work and display my exclusive, one-off garments and bags. Now I am able to sew what I want, when I want, and be creative using a range of materials mostly sourced from op-shops. It gives me much joy, knowing that what I make and sell is another item that doesn’t end up in land-fill. The fact that people who buy my things, do so because they love them, makes it all worthwhile!”

Del’s Creations

Del: “Everything I make is completely handmade from the cutting out to the finishing touches. I am looking forward to showing you my beautiful handmade creations.”