About Bay Island Scenic Tours

About me


Hi, my name is Anita. I am Slovenian but have lived in Australia for many years. My home is the beautiful Macleay Island, one of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands in SE Queensland. These ‘jewels of Moreton Bay’ are known for their natural beauty, peaceful lifestyle and fascinating histories. They are also home to a vibrant arts community with many local artists drawing inspiration from their idyllic surroundings. My own love of nature, geography, history and the arts has been the inspiration behind Bay Island Tours; I want visitors to see the natural beauty of our islands, to meet with local artists and to get ‘hands-on’ creating art for themselves. 

I am a geographer, artist, yoga teacher and writer. I love meeting people from all walks of life and sharing our knowledge and stories. As an artist myself, I see beauty in many shapes and forms. My speciality is pastel art featuring landscapes and still life, and I have exhibited my work around Brisbane. My partner Paul specialises in ceramics and photography and together we operate a small art studio from home. The islands’ stunning coastlines, bushland and abundance of wildlife is the primary inspiration for our art pieces. 

Bay Island Tours are perfect for anyone with a passion for nature, history, art & craft. Or perhaps you are contemplating a permanent move to the Bay Island and would like to gain some insight into island life before deciding. Come and spend a day exploring the Bay Islands with me and experience the creativity and hospitality of the Bay Islanders. I look forward to taking you off the beaten track and showing you another world – the beautiful world of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. 

See you soon, 

Anita. 😊